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Want Blunt; Die High


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The Stoner Rule Book

Dont break the rules fool.

01) Never turn down a smoke! Never! This is the definitive rule to live by!

02) A full bowl must always be emptied, an empty bowl must always be filled!

03) The person who fills the bong or bowl (no matter whose bong, bowl, or weed it is) gets to spark it up and get first hits.

04) The person who rolls the blunt or joint (no matter whose blunt wraps, papers, or weed it is) gets to spark it up and get first hits.

05) If someone rolls a nice blunt or joint, it's good to give them a compliment on their rolling skills.

06) If someone starts bogarting the weed and uses the excuse that it's okay for them to bogart it since it's their shit, this is definitely not cool. The punishment depends on the quality of the weed and how much they put in. (If it was real shitty and they were real cheap with it, then you fuck with them).

07) Never bogart! It's puff puff pass.

08) If someone is too uncoordinated to light the bong or bowl (due to being too stoned or the person is just a fucking moron), then they must relinquish control of the lighter to someone more able to get it lit. This does not mean the person who lights it gets free hits, this privilege tends to get abused.

09) If someone is so stoned that they blow into the bong or bowl and blow all the shit on the floor, this person must be fucked with and they can't smoke on the next round (unless it was their shit).

10) When you're high, try to be careful about the homeowner's stuff. Being "so high" isn't an excuse for breaking shit.

11) If for some reason you are to break someone's bong or bowl that you're using, you're obligated to buy them one of equal value in the near future.

12) When smoking with someone in their house, don't get ashes on the floor, unless that's what the "homeowner" does.

13) Do not, I repeat do not, while stoned and sucking nitrous oxide out of a balloon in the presence of a water bong abruptly decide to stand on your head, as you may topple over, spilling the bong and getting bong water all over the floor.

14) If you spill the bong, clean it up! And don't forget to put water back in it!

15) When it's your turn to take a hit, take your hit and then pass it on. Some people have a tendency to tell a story or something whenever it's their turn and hold on to the shit for a long time. This is called "Nursing The Weed".

16) Don't hold on to the lighter and play with it as a toy after you take a hit.

17) If you smoke with someone in your house, you should let them eat some of the food you may have lying around. Munchies happen, so don't be a bitch with your food. You should also give them something to drink.

18) On the other side of this, if you're smoking with someone at their house, always offer to go on a food run.

19) Always ask before lighting a cigarette. Just because a person lets you smoke out in their house doesn't mean you can smoke cigarettes.

20) If you've been invited to smoke with someone, don't bring strangers along unless the person who invited you is alright with it.

21) If you do bring someone along, make sure they aren't buzz killers, mooches, or narcs.

22) If someone smokes you out and you have weed of your own, it's polite to match the same amount.

23) Never smoke and run. It's very rude to smoke at the owners house and then leave right away, unless they want you to.

24) When smoking out of your buddies bowl or bong, never clean their bowl or shine their bong for them without asking. Some people like the bowl resinated, or the glass dull.

25) If a friend gets you high sometime in the future you need to get that friend high.

26) Don't ask your best bud for his last bud because when his old lady bud gets home and their is no bud for her he will get no bud tonight.

27) Never go to someone's house expecting him or her to get you high. Thank them when they do get you high.

28) Don't bitch about someone else's shit being no good! If you don't like it don't smoke it!

29) Never say to someone who has smoked their shit with you, "I'm not high".

30) Don't act like a bitch ass buster to the fool that smokes you out.

31) If you buy weed from a friend or a friend of a friend, it's polite to smoke with the person who sells you the shit.

32) After a night of good smoking, don't take the homeowners bong with you.

33) Never swipe anyone's lighter.

34) If you're in a large group and only one person has weed, never keep asking them to smoke. There's too many to smoke out sometimes. People don't want to waste all their money on everyone else.

35) If a person passes on one round do not assume that they're passing on the next round.

36) If you're smoking with two other people and you're the middle person, you don't get a hit every time it passes you. Just because you're in the middle doesn't allow you extra hits.

37) If someone is rolling your weed for you, always give them the amount that you want to be rolled.

38) Don't ever ask someone who doesn't know how to roll, to roll a blunt or joint. It's just a waste of weed, and time.

39) If you're smoking from a bong and there's not enough for a whole other hit, you should save the smoke in the chamber for the next person. Don't be a bitch and take it all for yourself.

40) When smoking a water bong, never, under any circumstances, ever blow into the bong. This will result in the soakage of your weed.

41) Never, and I repeat never take a shot of bong water, not even on a dare. It tastes like complete ass and you will more than likely puke from it.

42) It's very impolite to hand someone an empty bong or bowl, without notifying the person of its possible cashed-ness. A proper warning would be "Here, I think it might be cashed".

43) When smoking a blunt, joint, or bowl, never put the whole thing in your mouth and get it all sopping wet. It's disgusting. It also ruins the blunt or joint.

44) Always ash the blunt or joint before passing it. It sucks getting ashes on your clothes, especially when you catch on fire.

45) If you are smoking a blunt or joint of someone else's weed, ask them what they want to do with the roach. Some people save them some don't.

46) When the roach gets too small, if someone has a problem with it, put it in a bong or bowl and finish it that way.

47) Never roll seeds or stems in a blunt or joint. Stems give you a bad ass headache, and seeds explode like popcorn. Also don't put them in a bong or bowl.

48) Never ask to borrow a persons bong, bowl, blunt wraps, or papers without offering to smoke them out too.

49) Cover your mouth when the hit kicks your ass and you start coughing and spitting all over the place!

50) If you are well connected and have access to really good shit then shut up about it and smoke up your buds.

51) Never ever show and tell what you have growing in the backyard!

This was brought to you buy the stoners of PCWEST!!