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A complete growers guide


Any small, dark room with no windows will work. It should be 2' square per plant, and 5' tall. This is a minimum. It should also be well ventilated, but don't worry too much about that. In a small room, you can provide adequate ventilation just by opening the door to water and fertilize them. Make sure it is out of plain view, and that no one can see electrical cords running to your setup, or light emitting from around the door. Once you have chosen a room to grow in, you should line the floor, ceiling and walls with tin foil (shiny side out) to reflect light to all parts of the plants.


Seed Selection

Selecting seeds is pretty simple. You can grow plants from any seeds that you may come across in your bags, get some from your friends, or you can purchase them over the internet (at your own risk). Because your germination rate should be close to 100%, the amount of seeds you need should be about double the number of plants you want to grow, because when the time comes you will destroy the bastard male plants. Female plants are the only good ones to smoke, and male plants tend to fuck up the female plants.



An important step in marijuana cultivation is germinating your seeds properly. First get a paper towel, soak it in warm distilled water, about 75F (24C), and ring out all the excess water that you can. Soak the seeds in the same distilled water for half an hour. Lay the seeds spaced out on one half of the paper towel. Fold the paper towel over the seeds. Place the seeds inside the paper towel on a plate. Place a bowl upside down over the setup to maintain moisture and reduce light. We know it's tempting, but try not to fuck with them. Within approximately 1-7 days you should see a crack in your seeds. If so your germination stage is complete. Never touch the seeds with your hands after germination, always use tweezers. And don't squeeze too hard or you'll crush the damned things.



Soil can be obtained from many different chain stores. Try to find soil that contains vermiculite, pearlite, sand, humus, and moss. You should also look for sterilized soil. During the vegetative stage, use 1 teaspoon of Peters 20-20-20 fertilizer every 2 days. During the flowering stage, use 1 teaspoon of Peters 10-30-20 fertilizer once a week, only when the lights are on. The best way to fertilize is to dissolve it in water, and apply it at times when you're watering the plants. Keep the pH level of the soil at about 7.0. You should stop fertilizing about 2 weeks before harvest time. This will ensure a more marijuana-like taste when smoked, rather than it tasting like shit (that's what fertilizer's made of).



You can start by filling pots with soil. The pots should be small, but still large enough to leave the roots with room to grow. The top of the pot should be at least 6" across. Jiffy Pots are great to use, because they make transplanting (which you will have to do) very easy. Pack the soil down, but leave it slightly loose so water can flow through and the roots can breathe. Place your seeds (1 seed per pot) 2-3" deep, and cover them with soil.



When the leaves of your plant reach out to the edge of the pot, it's time to transplant (the roots underneath the soil are usually as wide as the plants above the soil). If you used Jiffy Pots for your plants, transplanting will be easy. Simply put the Jiffy Pot inside a larger pot and fill it with dirt. The Jiffy Pot will break down into the soil and allow the roots to pass through with no shock. If you didn't use Jiffy Pots, you must take the plant out of the original pot, roots, dirt and all, and place it in a larger pot filled with soil. This will cause a slight shock to the plants. To avoid shock, transplant only once. Use pots large enough to last your plants the rest of their lives. You should make sure the pots are at least 3 gallons. This should be large enough for most plants.



Once the plants have grown at least one set of 5 bladed leaves, you can clip them to make them become bushy, and produce more budding sites. This way you can get more buds from smaller plants. Clip the top set of leaves off at the main stem (clip off the top of your plants). Use a razor blade and make a straight cut. The plants will then fork into two branches at the point where you cut them. You can continue to let the branches grow, and then clip the ends of them so they branch off too. You can keep doing this for as long as you like, but remember that all the leaves need to get light. Don't let your plants get so bushy that the leaves cover up other leaves.



To clone your plants, simply take the tops that you cut off of your plants when you pruned them, put them in warm distilled water, about 75F (24C), and wait for roots grow. When the roots start growing, plant the tops in some pots like you did with your seeds, and they should grow into more plants. If you are going to root the tops you should cut the end again, this time with a diagonal cut so it exposes more surface to the water.



Throughout all stages, you should try and keep a steady temperature of about 65F (18C). If the temperature drops below 50F (10C) the plants will not grow properly, and if the temperature exceeds 75F (24C) the plants will shrivel up and die. Humidity should be kept at about 50%.



Good lighting is a crucial part of marijuana cultivation. You will need a VHO Gro-Lux fluorescent light fixture. They range in size from 1-8' in length (you will need at least 2' per plant). You will also need 2 VHO cool white fluorescent light bulbs (20 watts per foot), and a light timer. You should keep the lights about 2" above the height of the plants at all times. Yes, dumb ass, the plants grow, so raise the lights accordingly. During the vegetative stage, set the lights to stay on 24 hours a day. When the plants are about 3' tall, you will need to induce the flowering stage by reducing the lights to 12 hours a day. The plants should get no light during their dark period. Even light leaking in from outside sources could disturb the plants (lamps, TVs, computers, etc.).



To find out if your plants need water, touch the soil with your fingers. If the soil is moist, they won't need to be watered for a few days (the soil near the top of the pot is always dryer than the soil further down). As we explained in the lighting section, never disturb the plants during their dark period, not even to water them. Always use warm water about 75F (24C). You should stop watering the plants about 1 week before harvest time. This will stimulate the plants, and in effect enhance their THC production.


Plant Selection

Yes, the time has come to destroy the bastard male plants. During the vegetative stage, they can easily be identified by the the pods that grow near the stem. They look like tiny green balls. Male plants also produce pollen, and the female plants produce buds in an effort to catch the pollen, and produce seeds. If the females can't catch any pollen, the buds will grow bigger as the plant tries to get some. The less seeds it produces, the more potent the buds are. Destroy the male plants as soon as you spot them. We suggest throwing them into a turbo mulcher, catching the remains in a bag, and singing a happy song as you flush them down the porcelain god!



When most of the white hairs on the female plants change colors, it's about time to harvest. Cut your plants off at the stem just above the soil. Don't wait too long to harvest them, they will start losing potency after they have fully matured. Hang them upside down by the stems in a well ventilated area for 3-10 days to dry. Make sure they aren't touching anything. You may want to put a fan in the room to aid circulation. When properly dried, buds should be slightly crisp to the touch, but shouldn't crumble when you touch them, and the stems should break in half like a match. A good way to tell is to pick a bud and roll a joint with it. If it stays lit when you smoke it, the buds are dried properly.



Curing your buds gets rid of that homegrown taste, and also increases potency. All you will need to cure your buds is some glass jars with lids. Place the buds in the glass jars. Don't pack the buds in, just place them. Screw the lids on the jars. About every 2 days, take the lids off and put them back on to put fresh air in the jar. After about two weeks you should have some sweet tasting seedless smoke. You can leave it in the jars to keep it fresh for a long time. Now it's time to light that shit up and enjoy the benefits of your effort.

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