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Want Blunt; Die High


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  • The biggest danger associated with magic mushrooms is misidentification. Some mushrooms are poisonous and cause stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea and even death.
  • Some users report getting sick even after ingesting real psilocybin varieties.
  • Magic Mushrooms can impair judgement. Driving while under the influence of mushrooms is dangerous.
  • Magic mushrooms, like all hallucinogens, can trigger underlying mental disorders and cause schizophrenic-type symptoms. 
  • Users sometimes have "bad trips," which can include confusion, anxiety and panic. In rare instances, users can experience recurring episodes of anxiety and panic (flashbacks) days, weeks or even months after a bad trip.
  • Magic Mushrooms are illegal. Possession can result in long prison terms. Supplying mushrooms to someone else (whether or not money was exchanged) carries even longer sentences.

This page was brought to you by the Stoners of PCWEST