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  • Magic mushrooms are either eaten raw, mixed with food, or brewed into a tea. They can be eaten fresh or dried for later use.
  • There is no predictable way of estimating the amount of psilocybin in each mushroom. The amount is determined by the strain, size and age of the mushroom. 
  • Starting with a small amount before deciding to take more can prevent having too strong a trip, and minimize the chance of being poisoned from the wrong type of mushroom.


  • At low doses, magic mushrooms produce feelings of relaxation, not dissimilar to those of cannabis.
  • Users often report laughing a lot and finding things funnier than they would normally.
  • At higher doses, the experience is closer to that of LSD, intensifying colors and producing visual hallucinations and feelings of euphoria.
  • A mushroom "trip" tends to last about four to five hours.
  • Users often report the mushroom experience to be more "earthy" than other psychedelics, increasing emotional awareness and causing less psychological confusion. 
  • Many users find the mushroom experience to be spiritually significant while others find it frightening.

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