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Want Blunt; Die High


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Stoned Games

Boring Ride Ask What and 3 things EXAMPLE: Q. What would you eat with a bar of soap? A. A goldfish scale, A paper-clip holster, AGreen lava lamp wax. Try to thinkk of the funniest and dumbest thing you can. Who ever does, wins.
Players 2+
Light'em Up Take a lighter and warm it up and then try to burn your friends. Players:
Roll Call Think of the dumbest thing you can call your friend. Then vice versa. Players:
Snap, Pack, SMoke instead of x's and o's use hookas and bowls (h's and b's) i know its a jip off of another game but change is good plus i ryhmed so ha! Players:
Rollette Put a seed in the jay somewhere, but tell anyone and wait to see who it pops on.. Players:
Weedabet War Think of a letter, then a word that goes with that letter that has to do with weed. The person opposite you must think of a word with the same letter and it keeps going till someone cant think of one when this happens that person switches sides and a new letter and word is started this continues till everyone is on one side when this happens I dunno start over Players:
2, 4, 6

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