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Want Blunt; Die High


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Stoner Dictonary

The best stoner dictonary around

10-Bob: Better than commercial bud but not as good as kind bud. $20 bucks for a dime bag.
420: On April 20th its basically "national smokers day" when all pot heads smoke. Its like a holiday for smokers :) Also, its a time of day, 4:20, when people light up.

Abba-Zabba: Good weed, mans other best friend
Ace: Marijuana Cigarette
Aeroponics: Like hydroponics, except the plants roots are suspended in air, and sprayed with a nutrient mixture. This is very very cool, and is the cutting edge of plant growing technology. The results are supposed to be even better than with hydroponic systems. Learn to make an
Aeroponic System
Attacks: Panic attacks that occur from being on drugs. Usually only happens with new users.
Audio Bud: Certain varieties of bud tend to produce intense audio focusing. Audio Bud is that bud.

B40: When you smoke a blunt and drink a 40 at the same time.
Baked: Nicely high
Baker: A person who smokes Marijuana
Bammer: Shake crappy weed
Banger: Dank bud (really good bud)
Bare-Booda: Really good weed Bean: A Marijuana seed.
Beanie: A Blunt Beasties: Huge marijuana buds. ex: "Woah, those are some beasties"
Bhang: The leaves and stems, and sometimes the fruit of the marijuana plant, in India. Bhang is a weaker mixture than ghanja and chara
Big Sack: Your bag of weed
Bitched: Same thing as cashed and dusted, when the bowl is all ash.
Billing Up: Same thing as "Skinning up", when you roll a joint
Binger: A hit from the bong.
Blaze: The act of getting high. Ex. "Lets go blaze"
Blade Hits: When you take two butter knives, heat them up, and rub small amounts of bud in between them. You usually use a "tooter" to inhale the smoke.
Blazed: When your really high
Blitzed: When your really fucked up
Blizzie: A blunt
Blow-Back: The same as a Shotgun
Blunt: When you take a cigar, cut it open, and fill it with weed. You then reseal it, and smoke it. It is a really good way to smoke a lot of weed.
Blunted: Baked or really high
Bong: A water pipe used to smoke marijuana.
Bong Juice: The water in a bong, tastes and smells like the worst shit in the world.
Boss-Eyed and Bowl-Legged: What happen after you get real fucked up
Bowl: A bowl on a pipe or bong.
Box-Dealing: The process of rolling shake joints and storing them in a box containing fresh buds to give them the odor of real bud to be sold as bud joints.
Break and Bake: When your on break at work, and you and your fellow stoner co-workers light up. You shouldn't do this if your job requires skill.
Bubbler: A smaller bong. It uses much less water, and can look like Sherlock pipe, or many other different designs. Its designed to be much more compact.
Bucket: A gravity bong (Australian term) Bud: The flowering part of the marijuana plant. It contains the most THC in the plant, and is almost always the only part that is smoked.
Bud Bomb: Smoking a bud by holding it with pliers and lighting it from beneath. You breathe in the resulting smoke.
Bud-Raping: To harvest and smoke any part of the marijuana plant before the plant has matured and flowered.
Budskii: Really good weed
Buffalo: Lock yourself in a car with four friends and an equal number of joints. Roll up the windows, light up, and smoke until you can't see out the windows.
Burning Glass: When you smoke out of a glass pipe.
Burned Down: Public area so abused by smokers that the authorities know about it.
Bush: Shitty bud (shwag) Ex. "I dont wanna smoke that bush"
Buzzed: This means you are kind of high. If your not quite high, then your buzzed.

Cap: To buy marijuana from some one
Cannabinoid: The active ingredients in cannabis which produce the psychoactive effects, these include among others THC. One cannabidiol (CBD) is a THC antagonist.
Cannabis Americana: "American Hemp" Cultiva of cannabis bred early this century by pharmaceutical companies seeking a more potent form. Cannabis found in the U.S.
Cannabis Indica: "Indian Hemp" Variety of cannabis originating from the Indian subcontinent, all other forms of cannabis stem from this.
Cannabis Sativa: The most common weed found. This weed originated from South America (i'm pretty sure) and is a more stoned/blazed high, where-as the Indica high is more mellow but equally as good.
Capers: Kind buds, dank, high grade bud, whatever you want to call it. Carb: The hole in glass pipes and bongs that allows you to clear the chamber that fills with smoke.
Cashed: If the bowl is all burnt through, its cashed. ex: "This bowl is cashed".
Carb: The hole found on pipes and bongs, it allows you to clear the chamber that is found on these devices. You hold your finger over it while smoking the device, and let go when you want to clear it.
Chewed: When your REALLY messed up
Cipher: The order of who the pipe/joint/bong gets passed to. You usually try not to break the 'cipher'. Ex. "Dont break the cipher, pass the bowl"
Chili: Commercial marijuana (has seeds)
Chink-Eyed: When your eyes get really small after smoking a lot of bud.
Christmas Weed: Weed so covered in crystals its all white
Chronic: Exactly like kind bud. Its really, really good bud, and it should get you very very high.
Clam Bake: When you sit inside an enclosed place (like a car, a small room, etc.) and smoke up. You will breathe in the smoke in the air, as well as through whatever your smoking out of. Once you get out of the place into fresh air, it hits you real hard and you become really high.
Cone: A bowl (as in: a pipe bowl, from Australia)
Cracked-Out: How you feel the next day after getting really high the previous night. (also used for the feeling you get the next day after tripping)
Creeper-weed: MJ that takes a while to hit you, so that about a half hour after you smoke a few doobs, you end up saying something like "hey, this stuff isn't worki--whoah..."
Commersh: Low grade marijuana. Usually 7% or less THC. Name refers to "commercial". This makes sense because commersh weed is made in large quantities, and less care can be taken for them, so the plants produce shitty buds. Variations- Mersh, Mershal, Commercial.

Dime: $10 worth of marijuana.
Dank: High quality weed. Can be expensive depending on where you live. (if its expensive at all you live in the US)
Dead Bodies: After you've smoked a bowl, all the ash left over is considered "dead bodies" (this is a really weird slang term)
Doulja: Very good weed
Doobie: Marijuana cigarette, usually larger than a joint.
Doobage: Used any time when referring to the smoking, making, or getting of a nice big joint (a doobie). ex: "Lets get some doobage goin on" or "Lemme smoke some of that doobage"
Doorprize: The pieces of pot you get on your tongue when you suck in on a bowl too hard.
Donkey Dick: A fat blunt
Dope: An old term that refers to weed. It died down kind of like the term's "grass" and "pot".
Dope Head: Someone who smokes a whole lotta pot (an everyday smoker)
Drug Slut: Indiscriminate drug taker.
Dusted: Same as cashed, the bowl is empty or ash.

Eighth: $20 worth of weed
Elbow: A pound of weed.
Employee Bowl: When you and your co-workers light up.

The Fear: The fear is the paranoia people get from drugs. This paranoia/worry, can lead to a bad trip (if your on acid or shrooms) so dont worry! When you get the fear, just chill out, trust in the fact that you'll be fine.
Fire: Really good weed
Flyin: When your really high
Fly Mexican Airlines: When you smoke marijuana
Folded: When you sleep after a session
Fried: This term can refer to both an acid high, or a good weed high.
Fry Brain: Same as when your "Cracked out", its when you feel really stupid the next day, or even just after you get high
Fry and Die: Smoking weed before you go to bed
FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
Fuzzy: The "fuzzy" feeling you get after being high.

Ganja: Marijuana (esp Jamaica)
Ganoobies (Guh-nu-beez): The state of being stoned and laughing uncontrollably or being really stupid.
Gamin': Shwag, really shitty marijuana
Geeking: Something that happens to first time smokers and most girls; when you laugh alot, get paranoid or just get plain stupid when you're high.
Gotti: A huge blunt.
Ghosting a Hit: When you hold in your hit so long that when you exhale, there is no smoke.
GoonBa: Someone who doesn't contribute to the weed money or stash, but always smokes it
Grafting: To re-plant a flowering marijuana branch cut just below the leaflet
Grass: Marijuana.
Green: Marijuana. Ex. "You got any green?"
Gravity Bong: A bong that uses a bucket, a bottle, and a pipe. You smoke it using air pressure, and can take enormous hits because of its design, easily.See
Design Grins: When you can't stop smiling cuz your so high

Half-O: A half ounce of marijuana.
Hashish: A Marijuana product collected from the resins and flowers of cannabis that can be formed into cakes or made into a thick liquid, used as a more potent form of Marijuana.
Hash Oil: Very potent oil, up to 99% THC (only if one goes through the steps with the acetone, ether, petroleum ether, and sulfuric acid does it become that potent) that is made by stripping the THC off the buds and into a solution.
Heat Score: Someone who stands out in a crowd of stoners (in a paranoid bad way). Its not good to have these people around when cops are nearby.
Hemp: Fibers made from the male marijuana plant. These fibers can be used to make paper, rope, and other useful common things.
Hell Hit: This is when, instead of the bowl just cherrying up like normal, it bursts into flames (not really, just kinda lights on fire)
Herb: Marijuana
Herbal Brownies: Marijuana baked into brownies. A.k.a. 'majic brownies' Hit: See toke.
Hizo: Half Ounce of marijuana
Hogs Leg: A fat blunt of marijuana
Hookah: A device that resembles a bong, but it usually doesn't have a carb. Hookah's are almost always designed for 2 or more people, and you suck out of a tube instead of the traditional method.
Hoot: A hit
Hostess: $20 worth of marijuana.
Hot-Boxing: When you sit inside an enclosed place (like a car, a small room, etc.) and smoke up. You will breathe in the smoke in the air, as well as through whatever your smoking out of. Once you get out of the place into fresh air, it hits you real hard and you become really high. Same thing as clam baking.
Hot-knifing: A hit that is produced by putting resin or hash oil between two burning hot knifes. You breathe in the smoke that results.
Hoover-Doover: Someone who puts in the least money (or weed) but tries to smoke the most.
Hydroponics: MA method of growing marijuana with a pumping system and pipes, and no soil. You basically give your plant a constant feed of nutrient filled water, and it usually grows better plants, faster. Learn to make a Hydroponic System

"I wanna talk to Samson!": From the movie Half Baked, saying you want weed.

Jail House Style: A tobacco/bud cigarette.
Jamaican HotBox: You get into a steam shower and "hotbox" (when you smoke out a room or a small space without letting in fresh air), it add's to the effect.
J-Bill: A crisp legal-tender, used to aid rolling a joint.
Jay, or J: a joint
Joint: A marijuana cigarette.

Kabak: Marijuana Kansas City Hit: When you take two butter knives, heat them up, and rub small amounts of bud in between them. You usually use a "tooter" to inhale the smoke.
Keef: The crystals that come off of marijuana bud. You can take freshly cured buds, and use a razor blad to scrape off the crystals, and smoke it. It is extremely potent. You can otherwise make a keef box, which collects the crystals that fall when you break up buds onto a mirror.
Make a Keef Box: A box that has a slide-out mirror on the bottom, and a very fine screen on top. If you break up your buds (when packing bowls or whatever) over this box, the crystals (nothing bigger, anything larger should be filtered by the screen on top) will fall onto the mirror. When enough of these crystals build up, you can slide out the mirror, scrape the crystals off and put them on a bowl. It messes you up.
Make a Keef Box Kibbles 'n' Bits: Kind bud, also known as "kibbles"
Kicker: Dank bud (really good bud)
Killa: Really good bud, a.k.a. "Big Killa"
Kif: A mix of tobacco and marijuana (North African)
Kind Bud: Very high quality bud. Usually expensive. Its the equivalent of shit from Amsterdam.

Light Weight: Someone who gets stoned real easily.

Magic Brownies: Brownies with weed baked into them. They get you really fucked up. There are recipes all around the net, but you should put about an ounce (of commercial bud, NOT kind buds unless your willing to use the money) into every batch.
Marijuana: The Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, or Cannabis American plant that produces THC saturated buds.
Mary Jane: Marijuana
Maralize: Legalize Marijuana
Mash Up: Getting stoned out of your gourd
Mowing the Grass: The act of smoking marijuana
Munchies: The state of becoming acutely hungry while stoned, not always related to being physically hungry, but more a craving for junk food.
Munchitizer: Like appitizer just for munchies

Nickle: $5 worth of marijuana. a.k.a- "nick"
Nigger-Lipping: When you and friends are smoking a joint, and the roach or the end of the joint gets wet from saliva.
Node: Node are the little nooks that are formed where a marijuana leaf comes out of the main trunk of the plant.
Nug: A chunk of firm compact weed. Nugs come straight off the plant, and are what 'shake' is made out of.
Nugga Nooch: A large nug of marijuana
Num-Nums: Good bud
Obliterated: the Highest High (sorta)

One-Hitter: Small pipe with cavity for carrying enough bud for just one hit.
One Hit Quit: Pot that is so good, that one hit should mess you up to the point where you dont need to smoke anymore
Ounce: An ounce of pot (different prices).

P: A pound of marijuana
Pasties: The stuff that gathers in your mouth when you have cotton-mouth
Paggered: Completely fucked up, your gone.
Party Foul: Among other things, spilling the bong juice (smells REALLY bad.)
Passing Seconds: Shot-Gunning smoke.
Perved: Another term for being really fucked up.
Pinto: Shittay marijuana.
Pipe: A means of smoking marijuana or tobacco. There's no way to explain it, look at a picture.
Pipe Pic

Pot: Marijuana.
Potron: The cops
Po-Po: The cops
5-0: The cops, pigs
Pinter: A very skinny joint (not for parties, unless its goooood shit.)
Pot Head: Someone who smokes a whole lotta bud (an everyday smoker)
Porching: Smoking on the front stoop of a house
Power Hit: An especially good hit.
Power or Party Bong: A bong in which more than one person can hit at a time.
Purple Haze: like the Jimi Hendrix song. A kind of weed.

Quad: Quarter Ounce of marijuana.
Quarter: One quarter ounce of marijuana.
Q.P.: A quarter pound of marijuana

Reefer: Marijuana
Red Eye: This is a way of smoking. A few people sit in a circle, and every time you take a hit, you have to hold it in until the pipe/joint comes back to you.
Red-Hairs: Small little red "hairs" that are on many types of bud. Usually they will be different depending on the grade of bud you got, and the more there are, the better the bud.
Ripped: When you get REALLY fucked up. Ex. "Are you ripped?" Also can be used to describe a bong toke, Ex. "You took a huge bong rip!"
Rising Shotgun: Ok, this is fuckin phat, and i'm glad this kid mailed me this term. Click here to get the scoop- Rising Shotgun
Resin: The gunk that is left in a pipe or bong bowl after pot has been smoked in it. You can scoop this out and smoke it, it tastes nasty but it fucks you up.
Resin hit: A hit that consist of just resin no Marijuana.
Rez: Short for resin.
Roach: Butt of a marijuana cigarette.
Roach clip: Device designed to hold a burning marijuana butt.
Rookie: Someone who has just started smoking weed

Sackajawaya: A sack of weed
Sacks: $5 worth of marijuana. Very rarely can you get this small amount of weed.
Score: v. To find pot to buy.
Sensimillia: Potent form of marijuana made by preventing fertilization of a female plant.
Session: A smoking session of Marijuana.
Shake: The leaves or parts of leaves that fall off of the buds andare left in the bottom of the bag or marijuana which has been cleaned of seeds and stems.
Shelled/Shell: To be really high off of marijuana, Ex. "Dude i'm so shelled" or "Dude i'm so shell right now"
Shmacked: When you are really high (Washington D.C. term) Ex. "I'm sooo shmacked"
Shotty: Same thing as a "carb". (Australia)
Shwag: Shit weed
Shot-gunning: Blowing a hit into someone elses mouth. You can also do this through a straw, or even blow the hit into a 2 liter bottle, then have someone else take it. This is nasty, but if your runnin low on pot, it works.
Sife: When you invite someone to smoke with you and your friends. Ex. "Want to jump in on the sife?"
Skins: Rolling Papers
Skinning: When you roll a joint. Ex. "I'm skinning up right now"
Skunk-weed: A very aromatic Marijuana that is potent.
Skyhoot: The Bong-Hitter has to stand up and quickly breathe in and out for 30 seconds (similar to hyperventilating) and once he takes a deep monster hit, someone grabs the tokers' chest and holds it while that toker holds his/her arms out in a T shape. The person holding the toker holds until he is lifeless and passes out. He will then wake up in a daze that leaves him with blurry vision, slightly deaf, and confused for about a minute. (This is similar to a "Rising Shotgun", watch out for brain damage here, always make sure the person passing out is safe)
Smoke: v. To inhale smoke. exam: "You gonna smoke that?"
Smoke Free Toke: Same thing as ghosting a hit, when you hold it in so long that no smoke comes out when you exhale.
Sneaker Weed: Same thing as Creeper weed, ya think its not working and then it hits you hard.
Spanked: When your really high
Spark up: v. To light a joint or bowl. EX: "hey, you gonna spark up that bowl?"
Spliff: European style marijuana cigarettes. They are conical and have roaches.
Stall Warning: When a person is taking to long to take a hit you say "stall warning" as a sign that they are stalling the rotation and need to hurry up.
Stash: One's personal store of Marijuana.
Steam Roller: Basically its a bong without water. You can construct a makeshift steam roller by taking a pipe, putting it into the side of a toilet paper roll, then smoking out of it, using the other end of the toilet paper roll as a carb.
Sticky-Icky: Kind Buds
Stoned: Intense marijuana intoxication.
Stoner: A person who smokes pot.
Stoney: adj. Something that would be enjoyable while being stoned or being in a mood that is like being stoned.
Stripping: When you take all the bud out of used joints (roaches) and use it for either another joint or bowl.
Squashed: When your really fucked up.

Teaser: When there's only a small hit left in the bowl.
Ten-Chunk: $10 of weed.
THC: Tetrahydracannibinol, the chemical in marijuana that gets you high
Toke: A puff of marijuana smoke one inhales.
Tooter: Usually a 20oz bottle cut in half, you place the top half (where you drink from) in your mouth, and hover it over knife hits to inhale.
Triggered: When you're sufficiently stoned
Tripping out: see Attacks
Trees: Marijuana
Twamp: $20 of bud.
Twig: Marijuana

Über Bowl: A bowl packed with high quality bud, keef, and hash. (that means all 3, not just one)

Vegging: The action of no-action, usually while severely stoned.
Volcano: When you blow back into the pipe causing the weed to fly out. This piss's everyone off.

Wake-n-bake: A hit of Marijuana in the morning after waking up.
Wanna go on a walk?: Want to buy/smoke some weed?
Wasted: When your really fucked up
Weed: Marijuana
Woolah: A blunt

Xoned (zoned): So stoned you cant see srtaight

Yo: Often heard, there's no real definition because this word is used for so many different things. Ex: Whats up, YO

Zip: An Ounce of marijuana
Zoned: The look someone gets where they seem like they're in another world, and reality becomes quite fucked up, a.k.a- Zoning
Zooted: When you smoke and drink at the same time, (not literally at the same time, but when your doing both), it causes a double fucked up effect.

This was brought to you buy the Stoners of PCWEST