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Want Blunt; Die High


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Weights and Prices

 Joint ???  3 Dollars
 Nickle 1 gram  5 Dollars
 Dime 2.5 grams  10 dollars
 Eighth 5 Grams  20 Dollars
 Quarter 8 Grams  35 Dollars
 Half 15 Grams  50 Dollars
 Ounce 30 Grams  100 Dollars
 QP (Quarter Pound) 4 Ounces  350 Dollars
 Half Pound 8 Ounces  500 Dollars
 Pound 16 Ounces  900 Dollars

Tips For buying/selling

  1. Prices will vary in different cities. The weights are usually the same everywhere.
  2. The better quality the weed the more its gonna cost for less.
  3. Be smart about who you buy from. You should never buy weed from someone you dont know.
  4. There is no safe place to buy or sell weed.
  5. DONT rip people off.
  6. If your selling and you rip someone off you can guarantee they wont be back. I, my self do not buy or sell weed, but thats just me.
  7. The main thing is to be smart about what your doing.

This was brought to you buy the Stoners of PCWEST