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Want Blunt; Die High


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Stoner acronyms

These are acronyms (think thats right..) for stuff that deals with weed. In other words its sentences you can make using the letters of the word to start each word.

BUDDHA - bud usually does delight hippe activists
CANNABIS - Common Around Netherlands, Not Accepted By International Society
HASHISH - High As Sugar Heaven, It's Still Hemp
HEMP - Herb Exhibits Medicinal Properties
MARIJUANA - Mind-Altering Recreational Inhalant - Joints Usually Are Not Approved
MARIJUANA (2) - Medicinally Applied... Really, It's Just Used As Numbing Agent.
POKE SMOT people operate kind enlightenments so marijuana only tempts
POT - Police Often Take
POT (2) - Please Offer Toke
POT (3) - Preferred Over Tobacco
POT (4) - Parliament Outlawed This
POT (5) - Particularly Overpriced Tickler
POT (6) - Peers Often Tempt
SMOKE - some marijuana opens kind enlightenments
STONER - Smoking 'Tokes', One Never Experiences Reality
STONER (2) - start that one new enlightenment ritual
WEED - We Enjoy Expanding Dope
WEED - We Enduce and Encorage Dope
WEED - We Enjoy Eating Dope

This was brought to you buy the Stoners of PCWEST