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Want Blunt; Die High


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You might be a Stoner If...

  • you trip over "thin air".
  • you make good grades in school but dont know how.
  • you collect stuff for no apparent reason.
  • "I dont remember" is your main response to questions.
  • you substitute frozen water for ice.
  • you cant stand cigarettes but are always up for herb
  • you try to smoke a jay that's not lit.
  • you smoke the lit end of a jay
  • you stare at the clock waiting for 4:20 to come, then you snap out of it and realize it's 4:21.
  • you have a freshly packed bowl in your hand and ten minutes later you realize you forgot to smoke it.
  • you're on the phone with your friend and you forget who you're talking to.
  • you went to the Superbowl thinking you were going to get smoked out.
  • you start eating before your food comes.
  • you respond every time someones says "dude"
  • your pets are potheads too.
  • you think Half Baked is the coolest movie in the world. (creators note: HELL YA!!!!)
  • you can't remember if you buy korn at the grocery store or the music store.
  • you think of things like "Does the sky look fake?'
  • you think cartoon characters are hot.
  • "huh?" "yep" or "what?" is a part of your everyday language.
  • you laugh at Discovery Channel programming.
  • you watch The History Channel because its initials are THC
  • your TV is constantly tuned in to the learning channel.
  • you like to suck your bottom lip into the vacuum.
  • you try to super size every meal.
  • every time you cough it sounds like a garbage disposal
  • you light up at 4:20 without knowing its 4:20
  • you trade your pipe for weed
  • you need instructions for a lighter
  • you can roll a joint blind folded
  • you always feel high
  • you can "make" yourself feel high
  • people know your a stoner without knowing you
  • you understand the previous statement
  • you always have something to smoke with
  • you can make a smoking device out of anything
  • you always carry a lighter
  • you can spell tetrahydracannibinol (THC)
  • tetrahydracannibinol is the biggest word you know
  • everything has to be green for you
  • This was brought to you buy the Stoners of PCWEST