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Pot FAQ's

Some FAQ's about pot

What Is Marijuana? What is cannabis? Are they the same?
Yes, marijuana and cannabis are exactly the same. Cannabis is the scientific name for the plants that include sativa; Marijuana is the indian name for cannabis. Recreational use of marijuana was introduced to the U.S. by the influx of spanish immigrants in the early 20th century. The law that prohibits cannabis is called the Marijuana Tax Act.

Is marijuana and hemp the same thing?
No. marijuana and hemp are actually different. They both belong to the cannabis genus, but they are different "species". Marijuana and Hemp are kinda like cousins. Hemp is used for industrial purposes and has a low level of THC.

Where was marijuana first used?
The first documented use of Marijuana was in China around 1300a.d., although cultivation was much earlier than that. Man most likely cultivated marijuana the same time he began cultivating other plants though that time is unknown.

Who was the first to use marijuana?
That too, is a hard question to answer. Many cultures date back to prehistoric times are known to have used marijuana, such as the Natives of North and South America. Some middle eastern and Chinese people used it too.

Where does marijuana grow?
Marijuana actually isnt all that hard to grow. It grows fairly easy and can grow anywhere that corn does. Marijuana grows best in hot tropical climates, which is why most of the world's marijuana comes from Latin America and South America. There are hundreds of types of marijuana that grow all over the world in different climates.

Is the wild marijuana that grows in North America good to smoke?
Marijuana mostly grows in rural areas of North America. Some people call it "Ditch Weed" because it's often found near creeks, ponds, and the ditches of highways. Marijuana and hemp was cultivated as a cash crop in North America for several hundred years before being made illegal in 1937. By that time, cannabis had already escaped to the wild and became a "WEED". It spread practically everywhere that it could. Efforts since then to exterminate the plant completely have failed miserably. It continues to grow and authorities continue to burn it down. (I wonder why they "burn" it...)

Can you tell if marijuana is good just by looking at it?
There are many qualities to look for when your seeking good weed. Of course, they are not always accurate. The best of the plant lyes in the buds of it and whole buds are the best. If the weed is good, it will also have a very distinct odor. Also, the fewer the seeds it has, the better it is. The reason of this is because the seeds and THC are both produced in the pods of the plant. Therefore, the less amount of seeds, the better.

Is marijuana more harmful than tobacco?
There have been many studies on this question. Anything that you smoke is harmful because smoke has carbon monoxide. Tobacco is totally unsafe because of the chemicals that are in it and marijuana isn't produced in a factory. Marijuana has been proven to help cancer patients and people who suffer from glaucoma. As to tobacco causes lung cancer and bronchitis. The choice is up to you.

Is marijuana dangerous? Has anyone ever died from using it?
There are no reports of anyone that has died from marijuana use. Marijuana is generally a harmless drug. There have been no studies that support the theory that marijuana usage causes long term memory problems, brain damage, depleted testosterone levels or male breast enlargement, not even in long term users. Studies show that the effects of short term memory loss occurs only while the user is intoxicated.


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